Stellar Inspectors PLLC will do an irrigation inspection to verify that your sprinkler system is working properly.  We inspect everything from your sprinkler heads to your electrical systems involved with your irrigation.  Below is a breakdown of what we look for in each category:

Sprinkler Heads: 

  • Check for broken sprinkler heads, as well as sprinkler or bubbler heads which are partially broken off
  • Check for sprinkler heads turned the wrong direction 
  • Check for dry spots, which should be addressed on a case‐by‐case basis.  Often they are the result of a clogged sprinkler head


  • Check for signs of leaking which includes roots, green moss, washed fine sand or standing water 
  • Check for roots gathering around irrigation heads, usually in planting areas signifying water leaks
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livingston irrigation inspection


  • Check for water seeping from irrigation heads when the valves are turned off 
  • Check for fine grains of sand around an irrigation area which could interfere with operation
  • Check for washed out areas where soil has been removed and washed away
  • Check for discoloration of hardscape, blacktop, concrete, walls, etc., which usually indicates over‐water and can be cured by replacing or adjusting heads 

Time clocks: 

  • Ensure the “Rain Switch” is activated on your clock to avoid watering during or after a rainstorm
  • Ensure the clock is programmed to water after dark or early in the morning 
  • Activate Cycle and soak programming for sloped areas or adjust watering to compensate for sloped areas


Signs of long‐term problems: 

  • Check for overspray onto walks and streets or watering running in the gutter
  • Check for green moss, mold or mushrooms around buildings, usually on the north side or northeast side signifying too much water.  Isolate these areas and readjust the time on the controller or the heads, possibly changing the head design.
Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI

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