We are able to do a Pool and Spa Inspections while we are completing a residential home inspection, or separately as an individual service. 

Book your pool and/or spa inspection as an add-on to your residential home inspection to save 50% off a stand alone pool inspection.

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Stellar Inspectors PLLC uses the following checklist to inspect the pool/spa:

  • Measure water depth to ensure enough water is in the pool or spa.
  • Inspect all plumbing connections or equipment for any water leaks
  • Verify that all of the valves are fully open.
  • Verify that there is no air trapped in the system.
  • Verify that the skimmer and main drain are clear of blockage and debris.  
  • Verify that the strainer pot at the pump is clean.  
  • Check for scale-causing clogging or restriction of water flow.
  • Verify that the heater is on and activated. The gas shut-off valve should be open.
  • Verify that the switch should be on.
  • Check for a pilot light, ignition, or flame at the fuel-fired heater.
  • Check the level in the propane storage tank.
  • Verify that the thermostat is connected, active and set properly. 

Stellar Inspection PLLC uses the following checklist to ensure that the area around your pool/spa meets all of the safety standards and requirements set down by InterNACHI. The inspector will check that the following conditions are met:

  • Adequate fencing, gates, barriers, alarms, and/or other protective devices are installed.
  • Adequate storage space is provided for equipment.
  • Decks around the pool are not cluttered.
  • The pool is covered when not in use.
  • Surfaces leading to the pool, including the deck and steps, are slip-resistant.
  • Decks on all sides of the pool meet minimum safety standards.
  • The deck is separated from the pool wall perimeter.
  • There are no standing puddles on the deck.
  • All ladders, stanchions, chairs, rails, treads, plates, and other deck equipment are tightly secured in place.
  • An adequate means of egress from the pool is provided.
  • Steps, treads, ramps, ledges, and any other protrusions into the pool are marked with a contrasting color coating or tile on both the top and vertical rise.
  • No unpleasant odors or irritating fumes are apparent.
  • No physical damage is apparent at the pool equipment.
  • Main drain grates are bolted securely to the pool’s bottom.
  • Grates are visible from the deck, with no damage apparent.
  • Drain covers are installed.
  • Water return inlets are installed.
  • No debris is visible. The water is clean.
  • There’s no discoloration of the water.
  • Algae growth is not visible.
  • All water quality and chemical levels are within acceptable ranges during the most current test.
  • Water temperature is maintained within acceptable levels and is appropriate for the primary activities being conducted in the pool.
  • The water temperature has been measured and recorded.
  • The type of heater is identified.
  • Efficiency and BTU ratings of the heater are identified.
  • The heater is installed on a level, non-combustible base.
  • Safety devices are installed on the heater.
  • The thermostat is identified and located.
  • Check valves between the heater and filter are installed.
  • Bonding and grounding are visible.
  • The heater is installed downstream of the pump and filter.
  • A solar-heating system is installed.
  • The solar-heating system type is identified.
  • The solar-heating system is active.
  • Pool chemicals are stored a safe distance away from the heater.
  • Adequate clearances around the heater are maintained.
  • Coping stones and tiles are not chipped, cracked or loose.
  • The pool shell appears smooth, without readily visible defects.
  • There is no visible surface staining.
  • The water level appears to be maintained to allow for the removal of floating debris.
  • The water level appears at the proper height to allow continuous overflow of water into the gutters or skimmers.
  • Skimmer weirs, skimmer baskets, deck covers, and flow-adjustment devices are installed.
  • Lights are installed and are operational.
  • The type, number and wattage of deck lighting are identified.
  • The number of underwater lights is noted.
  • GFCI outlets are installed.
  • Electrical wiring does not pass directly over the pool or spa.
  • Hose bibs are installed near the pool.
  • No apparent defects or signs of repair are observed at the diving board.
  • The manufacturer of the diving board is visible on the board itself.
  • The centrifugal pump is secured to its base and is operating quietly.
  • The hair and lint strainer basket is clean of debris.
  • The type of pipe has been identified.
  • Pipes and fittings are not leaking.
  • Pipes are supported adequately.
  • Pipes are not showing signs of calcification, corrosion or  deterioration.
  • Air pressure-relief valves are installed on all pressure filter tanks.
  • Filter tanks are accessible.
  • The filter’s brand is identified.
  • A clean sight glass or visual outfall of at least 3 feet has been provided.
  • The pressurized filter tanks and hair and lint traps are not leaking and are properly sealed.
  • All piping, filters and components that are part of the system are labeled, tagged, color-coded or otherwise identified.
  If there is a spa installed then we check for the following conditions:
  • The spa is operational.
  • A spa cover is installed.
  • No physical damage is apparent at the spa.
  • A spa timer is installed and not reachable by a spa user.
  • The emergency shut-off switch for the spa is installed and clearly labeled.
  • The spa appears clean and adequately maintained.
Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI

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