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Professional Inspection Services

Residential Inspections

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Before you buy, you should have a home inspection to avoid potentially costly repairs that would otherwise go undetected until they become even more costly. This is our typical home inspection that catches common defects so you understand the investment you’re making.

New Construction Inspections

New Construction Home Inspections, commonly called 3-Phase Inspections, give the buyer and contractor a trained set of eyes to find deficiencies before its too late.

Boat Dock Inspections

A small flaw in your boat dock or bulkhead could cause soil to be pulled into the ocean, resulting in erosion and damage to your property. There is no easy method for determining what your bulkheads look like underneath the surface, but for the trained eye, we know what to look for to help you avoid future headaches.

Sewer Scope

Your new home could be problems below the surface that the standard home inspection won't see. We perform this additional sewer scope service at the same time as the home inspection. We provide video results, with the report, so you know upfront if there's a concern. There is no need to make a separate appointment with a plumber. You can add this service to your home inspection, or we can do a sewer scope without a home inspection. If you need to know how your pipes look, this service is available for as low as $200. If you are wanting more details than this page offers please continue to the linked page beyond.

Additional Services

Pre-Listing Inspections

Some homeowners want to make repairs to their house before they put it on the market and will make repairs using their inspection report as a baseline reference. Please understand that most buyers will still want to perform their own inspection even if the seller has already had an inspection done.

Condo Inspections

There are slight differences between the residential inspection and the condo inspection. Stellar Inspections PLLC will check the same items in both inspections. There are different rules related to windows, doors and wall fire ratings for common walls in condos and multifamily residences. There are also common sewer lines and spaces owned by the condo or multifamily residence. Stellar Inspectors PLLC can only inspect areas owned by the client or the seller. Common areas will be excluded from the inspection.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Just like the engine of an automobile, a house works as a system of interdependent parts. Every part has an impact on the operation of many others. A typical home has over 10,000 systems and components. And they’re all connected in some way. What happens when everything works together in the most desirable, optimal way? The homeowner is rewarded with a house that is durable, comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient. Our inspectors can play a critical role in keeping a home well-maintained. If a homeowner hires one of our professional home inspectors as part of a routine maintenance plan, that’s a good decision and money well spent.

Pool and Spa Inspections

Your pool requires proper maintenance and regular inspection so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Your pool maintenance professional is responsible only for the pool’s chemistry and cleanliness. Let us inspect it for all the other items that will ensure its proper condition and safety. We are able to do a Pool/Spa Inspection while we are completing a residential home inspection, or separately as an individual service. We charge $125 if this inspection is added to a standard inspection. If requested as a stand alone service it will cost around 250$.

Irrigation Inspections

Avoid major repair or replacement costs in the future by having your irrigation systems checked by a certified professional inspector.

Boatdock and Bulkhead Inspections

A small flaw in your boat dock or bulkhead could cause soil to be pulled into the lake, resulting in erosion and damage to your property. There is no easy method for determining what your bulkheads look like underneath the surface, but for the trained eye, we know what to look for to help you avoid future headaches.

4-Point Inspections

Stellar Inspector PLLC’s 4-point inspection is a basic evaluation of four critical areas of a home—the HVAC systems, the roofing system, the electrical system, and the plumbing system. This inspection is often required by insurers before they’re willing to issue or renew a policy on an older home. A 4-point inspection will start at $300 plus a trip charge for more than 30 miles. The insurers usually provide the inspection report form that they require for a 4-point inspection. below is an example of one of these reports

Drone Inspections

Drone technology has revolutionized the way we inspect roofs. It's much faster, safer, and more thorough than traditional methods, and it allows us to see areas that were previously inaccessible.

Crawler Inspections

Crawlspaces are usually overlooked, but they're an important part of keeping your home clean and safe.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imagery provides an immediate look at the condition of the home, without having to tear anything apart to see inside of walls. Thermal imagery locates areas of moisture intrusion and inadequate insulation.

Outbuilding Inspections

An outbuilding inspection is a process in which a trained and certified professional assesses the condition and safety of a structure that is separate from the main residential or commercial building on a property. These structures can include sheds, garages, guest houses, and other smaller buildings.

Outdoor Kitchen Inspections

Outdoor kitchen inspections involve evaluating the safety and functionality of outdoor cooking and dining areas.

Monster Safe Inspections

Moving to a new home can be stressful for children, too. That’s why we offer a Monster-Free Inspection and Certificate. Your child can accompany us while we inspect under their bed, under the stairs, in the closet, and anywhere else they want so we can assure them that there aren’t any monsters. Simply request this service when we schedule your inspection and we’ll bring a personalized Monster-Free Certificate with us.

Santa Safe Inspections

We can do many things to keep Santa's travel down the chimney safe while he arrives at your home. Even though there will always be risks when traveling down the chimney, there are things we can do to improve safety.

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